Datalift is provided under two flavors: sources and binary.


The Datalift sources are downloaded directly from the development platform. They represent the state of development of Datalift daily. They can be unstable.

API Documentation

The version 0.8.3 of the API


The binary packages are ready to use, by a simple click. The last binary package doesn’t necessary reflect the exact present development of the platform. Simple to use, they do however reflect the state the most current development platform.

Last version

Datalift version 0.8.5b for Windows / Linux / Mac – (sesame 2.7)


Datalift version 0.8.2f for Windows / Linux / Mac – (sesame 2.6)

Datalift version 0.8.3b for Windows / Linux / Mac – (sesame 2.7)

Datalift version 0.8.2b for Windows / Linux / Mac – (sesame 2.6)